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Kidzworld: Kids Social Network


Kidzworld is the only safe and fully moderated kids social network where you can meet new friends in the forums, find the latest news about your favorite celebrities, play cool arcade games and much more.

Now all that can be accessed by your phone! Thanks for the iOS and Android app of Kidzworld, you will never miss an article about your favorite band and you can stay connected with your friends, wherever you are.

Reasons to choose the mobile version of Kidzworld:

- ARTICLES: From the latest movie reviews through sport and celebrity news, to health and lifestyle tips, you can find it all.

- PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: You will be instantly notified about the newest comments, friend requests, group invites and private messages so you will never miss a thing again.

- MEET NEW FRIENDS: Chat and meet new like-minded kids, while browsing your favorite topic in the forums. Create a profile and upload your cool photos.

- CREATE GROUPS: Not finding a group that is about your favorite hobby? No worries, just create one.

- QUIZZES: Ready for a challenge? Take quizzes in various fun topics.

Sign up for free or login with your existing Kidzworld username.


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